Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Great Ace Attorney (3DS) - New Character Details, Screenshots

The official site for The Great Ace Attorney is up. The game is set in the Meiji Era featuring Sherlock Holmes. The site has character descriptions for protagonist Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, his assistant Susato Mikotoba, Sherlock Holmes, and Iris Watson.

The Great Ace Attorney for 3DS releases sometime in 2015.

Ryuunosuke Naruhodou - The protagonist. A student of the Imperial Yuumei University of the Empire of Japan. Taking advantage of a certain event, he aims at becoming an attorney. To learn the ways of the new justice system, he travels to the British Empire as a exchange student with the fire of justice burning in his chest.

 Sherlock Holmes - The most famous detective in the world. With his excessively sharp powers of observation and inference, to seek the real truth, sometimes he must go to the opposite side of reality. “The Rampage of Ethics” has already begun. A miracle meeting between the great detective and a certan attorney sparks a major turnabout in the courts of London.

 Susato Mikotoba - A young girl who supports Ryuunosuke as a “Legal Assistant” because of certain circumstances. She enjoys reading foreign detective novels and is a virtuous woman of old Japan with big dreams of leadership.


Iris Watson - A young girl who lives with Holmes. She is only eight-years-old, has a medical doctorate, and has penned the popular London novel series, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” Her power of reasoning is rumored to surpass that even of the great detective. 

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