Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yakuza Zero - New Famitsu Details, No Exp, Vita Remote Play and More

Famitsu has some new details on Yakuza Zero. The game, like pervious Yakuza games, will have arcade centers. Games include Space Harrier, OutRun, Fantasy Zone, Hang-On. The arcade games can be played on PS Vita through Remote Play.

Yakuza Zero won’t have any experience points like the pervious games, instead the upgrading will all be done through money. Players earn more cash depending on how flashy you take out enemies or by doing powerful attacks. Each character will also have their own unique system. 

Kiryu’s side of the game will also have a new feature called the Kamurocho Money Island. This is where you’ll get to use stores and businesses as means of profit. Meet characters from sub-scenarios to use them in this feature as a way to control Kamurocho’s economy, peace and order. Goro Majima will have his own feature with the Soutenburi Nightclub Island. This is where the goal is to run a cabaret club and aim to become the top. There will a total of 30 girls, your job is to raise them to have the best personalities.

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